The Rachaprachnukroh School, Kamala

The Baan Kamala School is located on Kamala Beach, between Patong, to the South and Surin, to the North, on the West coast of Phuket. The original school located on this site was destroyed by the 2004 tsunami. Construction was carried out under the royal patronage of His Majesty the King of Thailand. Following the ground breaking ceremony in March 2006, the school completed construction in May 2007.

Kamala School

Total number of students taught in kindergarten: 22

Total number of students taught by Phuket Has Been Good To Us in kindergarten and primary grades 1-6: 357
P1: 37, P2: 52, P3: 52, P4: 75, P5: 59, P6: 60 (P = Prathom = Primary)

Total number of students taught by Phuket Has Been Good To Us in secondary grades 1, 2,4,5,6: 285
M1: 73, M2: 56, M3: 60, M4: 29, M5: 40 M6: 27 (M = Mathyom = Secondary)

Total number of residential students: 175

Phuket Has Been Good to Us Foundation provides free English education every school day to over 650 students in kindergarten, primary and secondary grades. 

In October 2008, Phuket Has Been Good to Us Foundation began after-school and weekend programs for the residential students, called Coconut Club.

The school has granted our Foundation four classrooms, an office for the teachers, a space to house an English language library, and a recreation room for Coconut Club.

The Kamala school's official name is Rachaprachnukroh, which translates from the Thai, as the "Royal Foundation for the Welfare of the People." The Rachaprachnukroh Foundation was established in 1963 after Cyclone Harriet killed 600 people and disrupted government services in Southern Thailand.

The King's foundation has established 44 Rachaprachnukroh schools all over Thailand, the Kamala school being the 36th. Rachaprachnukroh Schools, many of which have boarding facilities, can become 'A Home and a School' offering kindergarten, primary and secondary education, free of charge, to those children in need. The Foundation is honoured to be connected with a school sponsored by HM the King and his family.

Headmaster: Khun Ying Warisara
Contact Phone: 076 279 239
Current English TeachersJerraleen Balais, Maria Bella E. Rebusora, Hamant Singh, Grace AnnDel Santos, Helen Cassar-Torreggiani, Diego Demaria, Yulya Sorokina